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Marine Services

We offer a range of marine services for vessels berthed in Lagos marina and anchored in the bay around Lagos. To request a service please email or call us to arrange a time. All services cost €40 per hour per diver. For contact details please click our "contacts" link.
Hull cleans and Inspections
If your hull is getting a bit dirty, or you just want to check it for damage, let us know and we can send divers into the marina to perform an underwater inspection or to wipe the hull and waterline clean of barnacles and algae.
Anode checks and replacing
Your hull and prop anodes degrade over time, so our experienced divers can go under your boat to check and/or replace them without you even having to leave the marina.
Prop cleans and inspections
Props, bow thrusters and prop shafts attract barnacles and mussels faster than any other part of your hull. Fortunately it's easy enough for a diver to go down with a scraper and some scotch-bright to get rid of them for you, without you having to move your boat.
Search and recovery
It's all too easy to drop your sunglasses, phone or wallet into the marina, especially when climbing up onto your boat. Make a note of where you dropped something from and we can go down and retrieve it for you. We can also recover items dropped in the bay, just give us a call and we can send a diver down as quickly as possible.
Anchor retrieval
The bay in front of Lagos is scattered with rock reefs that manage to snag anchors all the time. If you get your anchor stuck, we can easily dive down and free it up for you. We can even surface it for you using our qualified divers and lift bags.


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