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Patrol ship designation P1147, or "Zambeze", was the second ship to be sunk as part of the ocean revival project. It was also sunk on the 30th of October 2012 and took almost 3 minutes to sink. It went down, listing to its bow, but ended up lying flat and upright on the seabed. The ship was designed for coastal and river patrols, and was in service from 1972 until September 2003, when it was retired. The Zambeze served mainly around Cape Verde and Madeira.
Wreck specifications
Size: 44 x 8 x 10m
Weight: 292 tons
Engine: 2 x Motor a Diesel 12V 538 Maybach, 3750HP
Number of decks:
Wreck penetration: Yes, the whole wreck has been opened up for diving.
32m to the sand, 15m minimum
Wreck highlights
The wreck itself is the highlight of the dive. It is in perfect condition and has been engineered especially for diving. Also several items have been left on board such as a typewriter and radio phone. As time progresses, this site will become more and more alive as some of the larger marine species move in as well.
Required diver level/training
Open Water Diver/Advanced open water to dive the outside of the wreck. Advanced open water diver with 40 dives and/or wreck specialty for penetration of the wreck.

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