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The Spyros was a Greek freighter that sank on the 24th of January 1937. After being caught in a storm the ship tried to approach land but struck rocks just of Praia do Vau and began to take on water causing the 24 crew members to abandon ship and swim for shore, of which 17 made it. The ship sank in shallow water, so was exposed to the full force of the waves, which broke up the ship. However, you can still see much of the base of the hull, the bow, stern and its rudder. The area surrounding the wreck is very rocky and harbors quite a bit of marine life; so this is quite a good site for beginner divers.
Wreck Specifications
Size: 83.2 x 12.1 x 6.1m
Weight: 2053 tons
Engine: 1 triple expansion engine, 169HP
Number of decks: 3... none remain now though
Wreck penetration: no
Wreck Highlights
The wreck has pretty much disintegrated, but there are still the beams that supported the hull, parts of the bow and stern as well as the rudder remaining. It has also been down a long time, so marine life has had a chance to move in, such as octopus and conga eels. The wreck is also surrounded by rock reefs, so this makes the site perfect for beginner divers.
Required diver level/training
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