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Oliveira e Carmo

The corvette also known as F489 was the first ex-Portuguese navy vessel to be sunk as part of the "Ocean Revival" project. In the 1970s it used during the Portuguese colonial war, after which it was used as an escort vessel with NATO. It ended its service as a patrol boat for Portuguese waters. It was sunk on October 30th 2012, taking just over 2 minutes to sink.
Wreck Specifications
Size: 85 x 12 x 17
Weight: 1.43 tons
Engine: 2 Naval diesel Engines - SEMT Pielstick, 10560HP
Number of decks: 4
Wreck penetration: Yes. The whole wreck has been engineered for diving so you can get everywhere inside the wreck.
32m to the sand, 15m minimum depth
Wreck highlights
There have been sightings of sunfish and amberjacks, but the main highlight is the wreck itself. It is in perfect condition, sitting perfectly upright in the sand.
Required diver level/training
Open Water Diver/Advanced open water to dive the outside of the wreck. Advanced open water diver with 40 dives and/or wreck specialty for penetration of the wreck.

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