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Hermenegildo Capelo

The frigate, Hermenegildo Capelo (or F481) was the third ship to be sunk as part of the Ocean Revival project. It joined the Portuguese naval fleet in the 1960's and served mainly around Africa and in the Far East, crossing the equator around 60 times. Apart from being so well travelled, the Hermenegildo Capelo is also notable for being the first Portuguese navy ship to take on female crew members. It was sunk on June 15th 2013, coming to rest flat on the seabed.
Wreck Specifications
Size: 102 x 12 x 19
Weight: 2.7 tons
Engine: 4 Naval diesel Engines - 16000HP
Number of decks: 6
Wreck penetration: Yes. The whole wreck has been engineered for diving so you can get everywhere inside the wreck.
32m to the sand, 11m minimum depth
Wreck highlights
The front 100mm gun still attached to the ship pointing right at you as you descend down to the top deck is the first thing you see as you arrive at the wreck from the surface. This certainly sets a great initial mood when diving here. From the bow you can work your way to the stern, visiting the bridge, radar array and engine room on the way. Shoals of sea bass and bream have moved in, and there are already conger eels, trigger fish and octopus prowling the wreck.
Required diver level/training
Open Water Diver/Advanced open water to dive the outside of the wreck. Advanced open water diver with 40 dives and/or wreck specialty for penetration of the wreck.

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