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Naufrágio Feiramar Wreck

Not much is known about this wreck. All that is really known is that it was being towed in 2002 and somehow sank, ending up, upside down, on the sea bed several miles from shore.
Wreck Specifications
Size:40 x 15 x 6m
Weight: Unknown
Engine: Unknown
Number of decks: 3
Wreck Penetration: Yes. There several penetration points along the sides of the wreck and a large opening at the stern (rear).
40m to sand, 36m minimum depth
Wreck Highlights
This wreck is in great condition, albeit, upside down. There are several points of penetration, and loads of marine life around the wreck including spider crabs and scorpion fish. The highlights of this particular wreck though are the conga eels. They are absolutely massive! One particular resident conga in particular has reached epic proportions with estimates ranging from 2.5-3m.
Required diver level/training
Advanced open water with 30 dives and sufficient deep dive experience or AOW with deep dive specialty.

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