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Batelão do Burgau


The Batelão do Burgau, or simply Burgau wreck, is a Barge that sunk back in the 1980s whilst transporting rocks to build the harbor in Portimão during less than favorable seas. At some point in the trip the structure of the barge began to buckle, and despite dumping its heavy cargo, continued to take on water. An attempt was made to beach the Barge on Burgau beach but it didn't quite make it. As a result it now rests in shallow water just off the beach, making it an excellent wreck dive for beginner divers.
Wreck Specifications
Size: 30 x 5 x 3m
Weight: Unknown
Engine: None
No of Decks: 1
Wreck Penetration: Yes. There is one room at the back of the wreck that can be penetrated.
8-10m to sand, 5-7m minimum depth
Wreck Highlights

There is normally a resident conga eel hiding in a pipe at one end of the wreck, but there are many little nook and crannies that are home to juvenile and adult octopus and blennies. There are also usually cuttlefish and spider crabs hiding around the wreck, with large numbers of triggerfish during the summer months.
Required diver level/training
Discover Scuba Diver. Advanced Open Water diver to penetrate.

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