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Almeida Carvalho

The Hydrographical vessel, Almeida Carvbalho (or A527) was the fourth ship to be sunk as part of the Ocean Revival project. It originally belonged to the US Navy and was called the Kellar. It was aquired by the Portuguese navy on Janurary 1st 1972 and carried out operations for the Portuguese Hydrographical Institute; notably serving around Cape Verde and the republic of Guinea-Bissau. It was dissarmed and retired in 2002 and was sunk as part of the Ocean Revival project on September 21st 2013, coming to rest on the seabed, listing slightly to its port side.
Wreck Specifications
Size: 64 x 12 x 19
Weight: 1.32 tons
Engine: Twin Screw, 2400 HP
Number of decks: 4
Wreck penetration:
Yes. The whole wreck has been engineered for diving so you can get everywhere inside the wreck.
32m to the sand, 11m minimum depth
Wreck highlights
Far from ruining the dive, the fact that the wreck lists to it's port side gives the dive site adds to the atmosphere when diving through this wreck. The crane is still attached and fully intact and acts as a great feature on the top deck, attracting shoals of bream and trigger fish. Another interesting feature is around the ships propeller, due to the slightly raised back end, there is an nice swim through between the large rudder and propeller.
Required diver level/training
Open Water Diver/Advanced open water to dive the outside of the wreck. Advanced open water diver with 40 dives and/or wreck specialty for penetration of the wreck.

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