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Porto de Mos Wall

Another of our most popular dive sites, Mos wall is a long rock wall sitting in about 19-20m at its deepest end and about 16-17m at its shallowest end. The face of the wall is about 5-6m high and is covered in nudibranche and different types of blenny, gobies, scorpion fish and dragonettes. The face of the wall is also peppered in holes which are home to conga and moray eels; and there are also regular sightings of Spider crabs, locust and spiny lobsters and octopus. There are also loads of gorgonia corals growing along the base of the wall which the octopus and scorpion fish use as shelter. A great dive site with always something new to see.
Skill Level Required:
Advanced Open Water/Open Water Diver

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