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Ancoras West

ReefSituated to the West of our "Ancoras" reef, this site is a little shallower than the other reef at 12-14m deep. The large blocks of Atlantic rock reef, up to 3m high, separated by patches of sand make an excellent habitat for rays and streaked gurnards; a fish with electric blue tipped wings and legs.


The reef itself is home to many species of nudibranche, spider crabs and conga eels; and large groups of bream and wrasse can be seen swimming amongst the rocks. The highlight of this site is the 200 year old Anchor, situated at the south east of the site. It is also surrounded by several smaller old anchors. Right next to the famous "Ponte Piedade", the views from above the surface of the water are brilliant too.
Skill Level Required:
Open Water Diver (Scuba Diver/Discover Scuba Diver at low tide)

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